MTOTO WA JUA (CHILD OF THE SUN) is the name of our registered NGO a non-profit organization based in Entebbe, Uganda, East Africa. The main purpose is to raise awareness about the harmful effects of over-exposure to Ultra-Violet Radiation. Infants and children are most at risk. HIV and AIDS is all about the immune system.

Over-exposure to Ultra-Violet Rays lowers the immunity increasing the risk of all infectious diseases. High UV levels reduce the effectiveness of vaccines. Since many vaccine-preventable diseases are extremely infectious, any factor that results in even a small decrease in vaccine efficacy can have a major impact on public health. Uganda is an equatorial country. The UV rays are among the highest in the world. Effective education programs can strengthen the national economy by reducing the financial burden of the health care systems caused by cancers and cataract treatment.

To sensitize and raise awareness regarding the harmful effects of UV radiation and promote ways of protection with special attention given to infants and young children.

Our Mission


Various sources have indicated many conditions caused by direct over-exposure to ultra-violet radiation, from the sun.

  • 1. Dehydration (Mild to severe)
  • 2. Sun toxicity (Mild to severe)
  • 3. Visual disturbance/ cataracts
  • 4. Reduced Vaccine efficacy
  • 5. Weakened immune system
  • 6. Brain damage (Mild to severe)
  • 7. Skin Cancer

Our idea to create lasting and social change is a program entitled MtotoWa Jua (Child Of The Sun). This program seeks to educate mothers and fathers to promote the transfer of skills, knowledge and experience in order to create positive outcomes for their children's health and longetivity of the family.

The idea was born from observation of women who work in the field with babies on their backs without any protective covering for their heads. We realized there is a lack of awareness on the effects of excessive UV radiation on the infants open fontanels. Our work has been mainly with the need described above has been because of accepted cultural norms and access to a well constructed sunhat.

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