About Us

MTOTO WA JUA (CHILD OF THE SUN) is the name of our registered NGO a non-profit organization based in Entebbe, Uganda, East Africa, founded in Masaka. The main purpose is to raise awareness about the harmful effects of over-exposure to Ultra-Violet Radiation. Infants and children are most at risk. HIV and AIDS is all about the immune system.

Over-exposure to Ultra-Violet Rays lowers the immunity increasing the risk of all infectious diseases. High UV levels reduce the effectiveness of vaccines. Since many vaccine-preventable diseases are extremely infectious, any factor that results in even a small decrease in vaccine efficacy can have a major impact on public health. Uganda is an equatorial country. The UV rays are among the highest in the world. Effective education programs can strengthen the national economy by reducing the financial burden of the health care systems caused by cancers and cataract treatment.


Mtoto Wa Jua’s vision is to realize the general population’s awareness of global warming and the impact that overexposure to UV radiation has on their lives directly. The inculcation of this information will undoubtedly foster a change in behavior, affecting lives today in a positive way and impact a generation not yet born.


Mission Statement

To sensitize and raise awareness regarding the harmful effects of UV radiation and promote ways of protection with special attention given to infants and young children.



  • The idea was born from observation of women who work in the field with babies on their backs without any protective covering for their heads. We realized there is a lack of awareness on the effects of excessive UV radiation on the infants open fontanels. Young Children and students are in the sun most of the day without any protection Our work has been mainly with the need described above has been because of accepted cultural norms and access to a well constructed sunhat.
  • Disseminate information via seminars at schools, hospitals and clinics and the media (i.e newspaper and radio)
  • Introduction of our infant sunhats which have been modified to provide excellent sun protection. Infants are carried on the backs of their mothers without any protection from UV rays
  • To donate and plant fruit trees at schools. Fruits contain antioxidants that boost the immune system. These trees will also help the environment as well.

The infant and child mortality rate is high, and one predisposing factor is prolonged over-exposure to direct harmful rays/ UV radiation.
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From the time the infant is born, even before he/ she can hold their heads in an upright position, the infant is strapped to the mother’s back without any covering for the head. In most cases the mother is working and/ or walking in the sun most of the day. This practice will continue until the infant can walk at approximately two years of age.


Current Activities and Projects

A) “Sun Protection Centre” Located at Entebbe International Airport/ Arrivals, Uganda. We have been blessed to have this location in arrivals where we have on sale sun protection items for adults and children as well i.e

  • Sun hats,
  • Sun glasses,
  • Just sleeves(to protect the forearm),
  • Sun screens SPF 30+
  • Information Booklet


B) Providers of sun protective wears for CAA outside Workers. and September 2014 we provided sun protective wears for the Bird Hazard Department/CAA. We look forward to serving CAA as all outside workers need full sun protection while working in the sun regardless of skin color.

All sun glasses have been certified by UNBS to provide a UV 400 protection,in addition we have a UVR simulator to test each pair of sunglasses.

Past Activities and Projects

Mtoto Wa Jua has been dedicated to sensitize schools starting in Masaka Area. 1000 fruit trees have been donated to various schools under the direction of the agricultural manager Mr. Osbourne White.

Sun hats made and given to the Pediatric Department in Masaka Referral Hospital.

Infant Sun Hats were also given to Masaka Market Vendors but was poorly received. Cultural restraints appeared to play a major role in prohibiting the use of infant sun hats.

Harmful Effects from Overexposure to Ultra-Violet Radiation

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