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Osbourne White is an African Jamaican agriculturalist , Osbourne made a very unique observation, that fruit trees would have a better chance to survive and not be used for firewood. With that thought in mind, He fostered and headed up a tree planting program for Mtoto wa Jua, A total 1000 fruit trees where donated to schools in Masaka area;

1. To improve the environment and provide shade for the children

2. Various fruits boost the immune system

In 2012 the sun protection center at Entebbe international airport was created, unfortunately funds were diverted from the tree planting program thus the program had to be suspended.

Osbourne headed up the tree planting program which was about sensitizing the teachers and students regarding the harmful effects of climate change, also donating fruit trees at various schools, in the Masaka area. This program had to be suspended, due to financial constraints.

Mtoto Wa Jua was first registered in 2007,since that time we have faced many disappointments, and challenges along the way but the vision has not changed, so the mission must continue. Most humans are resistant to change of any kind, however that's just what's needed urgently... change.

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