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Romell Ann Booker-White,Rn(ret.) is an African American, retired Registered nurse from California, USA. She has repatriated home to Africa, Uganda.

Romell, brings 30 years of nursing experience, with special knowledge in the area of Maternal Child Health. Currently she is the executive director of Mtoto Wa Jua NGO.

This grass root organization is totally dedicated to the sensitization of the public regarding the harmful effects of overexposure to Ultraviolet Radiation, with special attention given to Infants and young children.

Romell, has written two published booklets on this subject; • Warning! protect your child from the sun(Ultraviolet Radiation) “It’s time to beat the drums” published first edition Oct. 2011 • Warning! Protect yourself from the sun (Ultraviolet Radiation) publish March 2012, first edition.

Am a well-organized, dedicated, conscientious, accomplished, consummate and highly motivated professional with substantial and responsible work experience in a variety of practical roles supported by a good work ethic.

A professional with a broad range of skills and experience gained throughout career experience in project management and analysis, monitoring and evaluation, staff supervision and tasking, planning and consents, budgeting and highly developed customer service skills and commitment to follow through; excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Juliet posses Strong organizational and time management skills, exercise initiative and discretion in determining priorities and meeting deadlines, which are key factors in performing the job well.

She is comfortable working with people of all levels and having a excellent commercial approach to solving problems and developing business processes. Having proven people management skills, with the ability to manage performance and motivate staff on an individual and team level.

Dr. Florence Mutonyi D’ujanga is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physics, Makerere University. Currently, she is the Head of Department, a position held since 2004. Dr. D’ujanga holds a PhD, MSc, and BSc with a Diploma in Education, all from Makerere University. The research fields have been Materials Science with emphasis on properties of kaolin and local clays; and solar radiation with emphasis on the effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Recently, Dr. D’ujanga spearheaded the introduction of Space Science research within the Department of Physics and a GPS receiver has been installed on the roof of the Department to monitor ionospheric scintillations that affect signals from satellites. The space science research is in collaboration with universities in the USA and Europe.

NKALUBO MICHAEL SEVUME ZACHEUS is born in 1955, Ugandan by nationality and married with eight children.

He holds Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science in Agricultural Meteorology, and Post-graduate Diploma in Meteorology. He has nine years experience as a meteorologist working with the government of Uganda and other countries.

Mr. Nkalubo holds many positions during his time of work by the government of Uganda i.e. Assistant meteorologist, principal meteorologist and senior meteorologist Recently Retired Commissioner for Meteorology / Permanent Representative of Uganda with World Meteorological Organization.

We are appreciative of his expertise knowledge and experience, in the area of climate change and environmental studies. Our organization is based on the implementation of the joint recommendation of;

World Health Organization
World Meteorological Organization
United Nations Environment Program
International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection
We appreciate the commitment made by Nkalubo Michael to foster the endeavors of Mtoto Wa Jua( Child of the Sun) NGO.

Dr Victor is a medical professional, currently practising an otolaryngologist. He was born and bred in Uganda, and hails from the western district of Bushenyi. In addition to enjoying his professional calling, he enjoys the dynamics of human interplay in the socioeconomic and political perspective.

He is especially intrigued by the discrepancies in wealth and knowledge distribution among the populations; a minority of the population enjoying a majority of the two.

This drives him to take up cause of improving the knowledge gap in the population especially regarding health matters.

Nalugya Ritah, Ugandan by nationality, aged 27 years and single. I come from the central region of Uganda; I speak both English and Luganda.

I hold a certificate in Office Applications. Currently a Secretary of MTOTO WA JUA an NGO in Entebbe. I believe in peaceful resolutions of misunderstanding among members, as thus take the initiative to make sure that all is settled through my mediation.

I believe in learning something new in every encounter of life and this enhances better service.

Peter Mwanja, is an IT Specialist with a degree in information technology with skills of programming and websites development and training with an experience of over five years

Peter is working as an IT Support at Mtoto wa jua (child of the sun) and is committed to any other duties assigned by the organization

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